Setouchi City Crowdfunding #1

Some of you might be aware of the plans of Setouchi City trying to raise finds through crowdfunding to but the famous meitō Sanchōmō (山鳥毛). I am not directly involved in the crowdfunding but was approached by the city in order to share the project among possible donors outside of Japan. If you have a couple of minutes, please take the survey below that helps the city of Setouchi to plan in more detail their upcoming crowdfunding (will be announced separately here). Thank you!





One thought on “Setouchi City Crowdfunding #1

  1. Hi Markus

    Very interesting. Why would anyone say no to any of the items?? Did you get my file of the Zukan. I never got your reply(it seemed to disappear when I looked for it regarding the un-translated pages. I am assuming you will be at some of the NY meetings. I will give you a hard copy there.



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