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As promised, I have started another -50% off eBook Super Sale, ony difference this time, it goes directly via me (i.e. I’m not going to manually change all the prices on and then change them back when the sale is over). I provide a list of all my eBooks below, showing the regular and the reduced prices. I also linked them so that you can check what the description says but again, DO NOT buy over there at this time. Get in touch with me via “” and pay me directly, either by PayPal using the very same email address or by credit card, using the donate button at the very bottom of this page and I’m going to send you over the eBook. And anyway, if you gave a question, just drop me a mail.

So grab this chance to fill up your tablets/phones with all references you need, especially if you are going to attend the DTI. Got a lot of feedback that its super handy being able to look up artists or backgrounds on the spot. In this sense, the eBook Super Sale will be up a little longer this time, until Nov 6, and the next one might not come until next summer.

Thank you for your attention!

Akasaka Tanko Roku ….. $8.90 – $4.50
Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords ….. $24.90 – $12.50
Geneaogies and Schools of Japanese Swordsmiths ….. $19.90$10
Genealogies of Japanese Toso Kinko Artists ….. $19,90$10
Identifying Japanese Cursive Script ….. $14.90$7.50
Identifying Japanese Seal Script ….. $14.90$7.50
Japan’s Most Important Sword Fittings ….. $14.90$7.50
Jukken ….. $14.90$7.50
Kano Natsuo I ….. $59.90$30
Kano Natsuo II ….. $59.90$30
Kantei Reference Book – Hamon & Boshi ….. $19.90$10
Koshirae – Japanese Sword Mountings ….. $19.90$10
Koshirae Taikan ….. $59.90$30
Koto Kantei Zenshu ….. $89.90$45
Koto Meikan ….. $39.90$20
Legends and Stories Around the Japanese Sword ….. $9.90 – $5
Legends and Stories Around the Japanese Sword 2 ….. $9.90 – $5
Masamune ….. $29.90$15
Masters of Keicho Shinto ….. $19.90$10
Nihon-koto-shi ….. $29.90$15
Nihon-shinto-shi ….. $29.90$15
Nihon-shinshinto-shi ….. $29.90$15
Shinshinto Meikan ….. $29.90$15
Shinto Meikan ….. $29.90$15
Shinto Shinshinto Kantei Zenshu ….. $89.90$45
Signatures of Japanese Sword Fittings Artists ….. $89.90$45
Soken Kinko Zufu ….. $9.90 – $5
Swordsmiths of Japan ….. $89.90$45
Tameshigiri ….. $29.90$15
The Honami Family ….. $19.90$10
The Japanese Toso Kinko Schools ….. $24.90$12.50

German Titles:

Die Honami Familie ….. $19.90$10
Geschichten rund ums japanische Schwert ….. $9.90 – $5
Geschichten rund ums japanische Schwert 2 ….. $9.90 – $5
Koto Kantei Zenshu ….. $89.90$45
Nihon-shinto-shi ….. $29.90$15
Nihon-shinshinto-shi ….. $29.90$15
Shinto Shinshinto Kantei Zenshu ….. $89.90$45





4 thoughts on “New eBook Super Sale

  1. Hi Markus

    I hope you are well,

    Could I please order,

    Nihon-koto-shi ….. $29.90 – $15 Nihon-shinto-shi ….. $29.90 – $15 Nihon-shinshinto-shi ….. $29.90 – $15 All the Best Peter McCafferty


  2. Hi Markus Could I trouble you to check a mei for me please, just want to know if you think it’s gimei or shoshin. Many thanks Peter

    Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2

  3. Hello Markus,
    I would like to order 3 of your ebooks. Can I pay you by using the paypal donation button? I see you asked one customer to send the payment by a email address, but I’m not sure how to do that, lol. I may need your assistance later. I just purchased my first blade. It was in military fittings and the polish is horrible (looks like someone tried to self polish), but I believe the blade is not a WWII blade because the mei is only two characters at the very bottom of the nakago, just past the second mekugi ana. Maybe a older shortened blade? Anyway, hopefully these ebooks will help identify the characters. I would like to get the following: Identifying Japanese Cursive Script- $7.50, Identifying Japanese Seal Script-$7.50, and Swords moths of Japan-$45. Thank you

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