Lulu Discount

As mentioned on FB, there will be another eBook Super Sale with 50% off pretty soon and in view of the upcoming DTI. So if you want to charge your tablets and phones to have some on-the-spot referencewhen shopping for swords or sword fittings over there, please stay tuned. In the meanwhile, has a great discount going on until October 24. All print books are 30% off and that is usually as good as it gets, using the code OCTHIRTY (all caps).


2 thoughts on “Lulu Discount

  1. Thanks for the notice Markus.

    I’m going to order the Tameshigiri book for my sensei, so the discount code is timely.

    Question: I have the book Koshirae-Japanese Sword Mountings. How is the eBook Koshirae-Taikan different?



    Jon Andresen, MBA, PhD


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