Index Of Japanese Swordsmiths – Revision

Some of you might remember the lengthy discussion we had on NMB on a revised hardcover edition of my 2012 published two volume INDEX OF Japanese SWORDSMITHS.

Well, it never worked out and the initial hardcover version never worked to be easy buyable from everywhere in the world. Also an errata and a correction of all the typos seemed to be overdue and so I decided to give it another try as a two volume hardcover copy on Lulu. With this, we don’t have to care about a minimum number of buyers to get the thing started as it is print on demand. Also the price of the set will be noticeable lower as Lulu has way better royalties than BoD.

Now doing so, I will slightly change the layout o ensure a better legibility, coming along with a larger font as I got feedback that the initial font was way too small. I attach a preview who a page of the revised edition might look like.

And with this, you all come into play as I need some feedback to enlarge my own errata done over the three years. I have created an email address of its own for this, “”. This is a “fire-and-forget” email address, that means I will not reply from there and just collect your suggestions and corrections. If you really have to discuss a thing or to, please get in touch with me via my regular address “”.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

PS: The eBook version will be updated too of course.


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