Easter eBook Super Sale

Dear Readers,

Inspired by my last year’s Christmas Super Sale and responding to the”unfairness” that eBooks are always excluded from Lulu offers, I just started an Easter eBook Super Sale where ALL of my eBooks are reduced by 50%! This offer will be valid for a week so you have enough time to decide what you want. So fill up all your tablets (or PC´s) with all the important Nihonto and Tosogu reference material you need four your studies!

If you have any questions or can´t find the one or other book, don´t hesitate and contact me via my “markus.sesko@gmail.com.

Thank you and a Happy Easter to everyone!


PS: I have two signed Masamune paperbacks and a signed Tameshigiri hardcover here at my place. If you want one of them, please drop my a mail (price as announcted but free shipping).


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