Coming up soon…

Some might remember that we discussed a while ago on the NMB future projects of mine. I had been asked in the past to compile and publish a new encyclopedia where you can find all sword, sword fittings, and sword mounting terms but then I was reminded that such a thing already exists, namely in the form of Kotoken Kajihara’s Nihonto Swords of Japan A Visual Glossary, which even has an English translation. So I put this aside. But then I was contacted by many NMB members, blog readers, and collectors to pursue this project as Kajihara’s book is really hard to get and nothing for a small wallet (saw it the other day for about 600 USD).

Well, as in the past, your wish is my command and I worked parallel to my other ongoing projects on a completely new Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords which should be finished soon. It will contain as mentioned all terms around the nihonto, which are at the moment around 2,100, presented with tons of pictures on approx. 500+ pages. The book will be in the same format as my Tameshigiri book, i.e. 6 x 9″ and hardcover, and of course also available as eBook. Pricing will follow the aim of the book which is to provide a standard reference work, so definitely in the two-digit range and somewhere around the Tameshigiri book. I will keep you updated.


2 thoughts on “Coming up soon…

  1. Thanks Markus, this is great news.

    What I would also be interested in is a list and description of all the different styles of “mei” that we can find in sword, fittings & armour (gimei, mumei, gakumei, etc)


  2. Excellent! I’d love to have this in my collection so please let us know when it comes out – very nice!!

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