Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords

The announced publication is out now!

This completely new encyclopedic reference for the Japanese sword contains about 2,500 entries, many of them illustrated by photos and drawings. The Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords is an A-Z general encyclopedia covering each and every part of the sword: the blade, the mountings, the fittings, and all their different interpretations. Further, this encyclopedia also explains the literal or etymological meaning of each Japanese term and provides an even deeper insight into the subject.

552 pages, b/w (eBook in color), format 6 x 9″

Please note that it comes this time in three forms, the suitable edition for everyone.

The 79.90 USD hardcover version is available here.

The less expensive 49.90 USD paperback version is available here.

And the 29.90 USD eBook version is available here.

Hope the Encyclopedia of Japanese Swords serves as my other books as a useful reference for you all!







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