Volume 2 – Tosogu Classroom

Update on the project:

Volume 2 has just been completed and I am placing orders for members who have prepaid as we speak. That said, if you are going volume by volume, you can get in touch with me at your convenience to order Volume 2. Members of the three associations who organized this project – which are the JSS/US, NTBHK/AB and NBTHK/EB – can order Volume 2 for just the cost of printing and shipping, which is $44 within the US and Canada. If you are not a member, the price is $64 per copy. Slightly different prices apply for outside of the US so please get in touch with me to talk about details. As you can see in the preview below, Volume 2 is with almost 700 pages quite substantial. It is the second volume that deals with artist who worked in iron. Volume 3 and 4, which should follow in the coming months, will deal with the kinkō guys and Volume 5 is the color volume.

Thank you for your attention.

Volume 2 Contents

8 thoughts on “Volume 2 – Tosogu Classroom

  1. Hi Markus I will take volume 2 as soon as it is ready. Jssus member. John white

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  2. Hi Markus, I’m ready and happy to buy this new volume Paypal will be ok for me please let me know the total amount. My new address is: Marco Berloco Via Aurelia Antica 192 00165 Rome Italy Phone +393394359312

    Inviato da iPhone


  3. Markus,

    I’m interested in purchasing a copy. I’m not a member of the NBTHK AB. I live in Hawaii. Could you direct me how to get a copy. Or even a copy of the volume 1.

    Please email me.


  4. Markus, Vol I is such a great work and Vol II’s content looks outstanding! Congratulations and thank you, as I look forward to receiving my copy.

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