Poll: Paperback ed. of Swordsmith Index

Brief update: Over the last few months, several readers approached me who were informed by others about my revised 3-volume set Swordsmiths of Japan (see here) but couldn’t find it on Amazon. Well, the set is not available there because Lulu does not offer a distribution of this kind of format and layout (i.e. hardcover and 8.25″ x 10.75″)  on Amazon. Only smaller hardcovers make it over there. Of course I was referring to Lulu where the set is perfectly find and orderable but then I was told “Amazon or it did not happen” 😉 So I add a poll to this post to see if there are more who want a somewhat cheaper paperback version to be orderable from Amazon. Depending on the feedback, I will provide a new, additional edition or not. Thanks for your time!

2 thoughts on “Poll: Paperback ed. of Swordsmith Index

  1. Markus, so many people are moving from hardcopy to e-books, that I just don’t see the need for just one more format…not to mention that Amazon doesn’t pay authors as much as you are due.

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