The eBook version of the just revised Index of Japanese Swordsmiths is now available as e Swordsmiths of Japan (see link here). I made a revision, not an entirely new book, so everyone who has purchased the initial e Index of Japanese Swordsmiths should be able to download the revised edition from their Lulu account for free. However, Lulu changed their eBook publishing system a while ago and those who got the e version of this publication before that time were quasi cut off from future free downloads of revisions. So my suggestion: All those who purchased the e Index of Japanese Swordsmiths, please try to download the revision. If it works, everything is fine as you got it after the change. If it says “This eBook is no longer available for download.”, please get in touch with me via “markus.sesko@gmail.com” and I will provide you with further information about how you get your free revision via a filesharing programm. I kindly ask you to provide me with any info that you indeed got the initial eBook. This is just to keep handing out free copies within limits as this project represents years of hard work and should therefore be remunerated accordingly. I will not stubbornly insist on any “hard evidence” and handle this on the basis of trust. Apart from that, I will keep your emails on file so that I can provide you with any further updates in the future. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “e SWORDSMITHS OF JAPAN

  1. Hi Marcus,

    This is a generous offer regarding the update to your Index. I am a regular customer of yours (please see the attached scan of my recent purchases). I don’t have proof for the purchase of the Index, somehow Lulu does not show all of my purchases (and there were also hardcopies, including the Index). I have no idea why, but I attach the Index and this screenshot from my account, plus one of my oldest orerds (PDF from a Lulu email). I hope this will be enugh to show you that you are not dealing with a crook.

    BTW, I have most of your books 🙂 My most recent is the Masamune book.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    Mariusz Kolecki Kostki Potockiego 2B/105 02-958 Warszawa POLAND, EU phone: +48 668 441 000


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