Index of Japanese Swordsmiths – Update

Apart from the eBook version, the poll has shown that by far most are preferring a three volume option that is enlarged with pictures. I ordered a proof copy the other day just to see how this might work and I have to say, I am pleased with the result. It is letter format, black & white on cream paper, a tan linen hardcover with a glossy dust jacket. The pictures below show the test run with about 700 pages so you have to think of about 200 less and imagine the result as three volumes 🙂 That will be the final version I guess. As for the revision, I added quite a bunch of smiths and about 300 gendai smiths and updated the info of about 500 of the gendai guys (due to new material I gathered for the upcoming Gendai project). Also I decided to add illustrations as mentioned but I refrain from posting pictures of blades, at the one hand as a single pic of a blade is mostly not helpful anyway, and on the other hand as this decision provides a good point to stop. That means a small illustration of a characteristic feature of a hamon is ok but adding randomly blade pictures here and there just unneccessarily bloats the project. Also new is a list of that I will add, i.e. you are now able to look up all smiths who used for example the  “Ikkansai” and so on (well, this is more a practical plus for the print books). Below I will present some pics of the proof copy so that you can get a better idea of what this project might look like when finished. Well, I am not sure if I will keep the title Index of Japanese Swordsmiths because on the one hand, the revised edition does no longer feel like an “index,” and on the other hand, it will interfere with the contract I still have with BoD for the initial version and which is not terminable until later this year. So take a look at the pics and feedback is greatly welcomed (still work in progress so nothing too late). Thank you for your attention and the next part of the Kantei series should be online in a bit.









17 thoughts on “Index of Japanese Swordsmiths – Update

  1. I like it! I think perhaps a 3-volume set might be “easier” to search, but as long as the info. is there it’s great. And adding the gendai smihs is becoming more & more important for collectors, IMHO. I want one so there’s ONE sold, no matter the format!

  2. Looks like we have to wait a little longer for what will be a great asset to all who collect Nihonto. So count me in for no. 4

  3. Marcus- Looks really good – especially the layout of the pages and font.. Looking forward to the finished copy.

    Paul Allen

  4. Dear Markus,

    According to your wishes:

    “Thesaurus of Japanese Swordsmiths” “Japanese Swordsmiths Thesaurus”

    Sincerely, Patrick

    Le 28 avr. 2015 à 23:13, Markus Sesko a écrit :

  5. Dear Markus,

    According to me the layout of the pages seems clear with enough space. The font seems also to be just right.
    I agree with you, it is no more an index. Thus, the title can be changed in order to also avoid any confusion with the old publication.

  6. Thanks you all for your inoput! It is almost done and I arrive at 3 volumes á 500 pages each, splitting the project up to AKI-KUNI, KURA-SANE, and SATO-ZEN. I was playing around with the new title but I want to keep it simple, so I think I will use (thank you Stephen) SWORDSMITHS OF JAPAN (as the title Japanese Swordsmiths had been used by Hawley and is thus no longer available 🙂 As for the pictures, I added about 400 portraits of smiths (of course about 99% of them are photos of Gendaito smiths but there will also be some “historic” paintings of older smiths). Give me some to for the final formatting and a little more for the eBook version as I have to unite the three volumes to one giant 1,500 pages file with a different indexing. So stay tuned for further updates or the final annoucement. And yes, tips and additional thoughts are still greatly welcomed.

  7. Markus,

    Just received the 3 volumes and very pleased with the amount of additional information and photographs within the books- great format and the font is much cleaner to read and reference. Excellent work – many thanks. regards, Paul

  8. I’m glad that you like my title suggestion. I am really looking forward to get a printed set. Perhaps you could write a dedication inside for me.

  9. Hi Markus, I keep trying to follow your blog but every time that I click to confirm follow I get “Your subscription could not be activated, it may have expired”. Consequently I am unable to keep a track on how you are doing.

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