Asking for Masamune tantô feedback

Still working on my Masamune book and I am “struggling” with a Masamune tantô that was published in Token Bijutsu 196 (May 1973). Therein, Honma Junji introduces the tantô in his series titled Kantô Hibi Shô (鑑刀日々抄), p. 31. The blade is signed “Masamune” and Honma says in the very brief description of the piece that the signature is unfortunately a so-called soko-mei (底銘), i.e. the tang lost some substance what weakens the mei more or less, but that it looks apart from that legit.

Now my question: Was this tantô described or discussed later again, and if so, where? Thank you!

 * Edit: “Problem” solved. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Asking for Masamune tantô feedback

  1. Hi Markus, it’s discussed in Soshu Den Meisaku Shu in the intro article, I’ve mailed you the relevant page.

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