Kantei Reference Book out now

I would like to introduce the announced Kantei Reference Book – Hamon & Boshi and quote from the blurb:

“Towards the end of 2012, I published the two-volume project Koto-kantei and Shinto & Shinshinto-kantei, depicting 358 blades from all schools and styles. Recently, I was able to continue with the first Kantei Supplement 1 introducing another 61 blades. In between I received feedback which suggested that a kind of „reverse version“ would be practical. This means a guidebook where specific examples of hamon and boshi are depicted instead of more or less detailed schematic representations. The result is this small publication which shows about 400 hamon and 230 boshi interpretations. I hope this humble guide will be helpful for identifying specific works, or at least guide you on the right track enabling you to look for further information and confirmation. It also might come in useful for oshigata-based kantei riddles where only the hamon and the boshi are provided.”

It is available at Lulu.com via this link.

And the eBook version can be found here.



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