Brief Update

Dear Readers, I want to give you a brief update what is going on at the moment and what is partially propagated via Facebook and the Nihonto Message Board. First of all, we have a green light with the Nobuie project, the translation of a 40+ article series Itô Mitsuru san (the author of the three Higo books) published starting over 15 years ago in the Tôwa Magazine. I really (and I mean really) appreciate the fact that we have more than 60 participants in this project and I hope that we are able to maintain this “momentum” for other upcoming projects. As indicated, I have already started with working on the project and I will be provided with further (color) pictures from Itô’s collection of Nobuie tsuba. These pics are not featured in the original series but should show you our effort to make this project as comprehensive as possible (by adding more pictures for your reference). And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friend Eckhard Kremers, the initiator of the whole Nobuie project, for being elected new president of the European Branch of the NBTHK.

Apart from that, I would like to inform you that I was just commissioned by the NBTHK with translating the catalog to the upcoming special exhibition on the Ishiguro School that will be held from July 27 to October 30th at the Sword Museum. A great honor of course for me and everyone who is into Edo kinkô and machibori should watch out not no miss this one as the Ishiguro School is so to speak as good as it gets in this respect.

In this sense, June will be pretty tight for me and I honestly thank you in advance for your understanding if certain things might take longer as usual. Well, I know that I have been quite slow lately but this is because I still work wholeheartedly on other projects too, like Fukushi and my very own Gendaito one. Also my Kantei series will be continued as I am writing the first chapter on the Nobuie School these days. And on top of that, I will be in Orlando next month and I look very much forward to meet my friends and all of you who make it to the show!

3 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Hi Markus,

    Could you please include me to receive a copy please.

    If you could let me know how much the individual contribution is – I can send a PayPal to your account



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