Gendaito Project


The Tameshigiri book is almost finished. Writing is done and the last chapters are now proof read and then comes final formatting. I mentioned earlier and on the NMB that I am going to write a book on Gendaito in fall. Start of the project will be fall this year after I return from the US early October. I already gratefully received support in the form of books but I have to get some more so that I am able to cover the subject thoroughly. What I now need is further references in the form of blade/oshigata pictures. For that, I have created a separate email address, ““. Everyone who has data to support this project is cordially invited to send me pictures and texts. I guess everybody knows what kind of pics are expected from such a publication, i.e. tangs in top view with either a white or black background and the like. Please understand that I will not reply individually to each mail. This email address is used to gather reference material and I will report back when there are questions. Thus I say hereby thank you very much for all data you are able to provide! Also please note that the copyright has to be ensured. That means if you have the copyright, you agree to pass it on to me with sending me the pictures. All data will only be used and published in course of the Gendaito Project. As this is still a one-man-show here and I might have to postpone other projects, I would also greatly welcome any financial support to make this project happen “smoothly.” That means I am not going to use kickstarter or any other crowdfunding because I am going to tackle the project anyway. It is just for keeping it on a steady course and not to have it largely interrupted by other projects as everybody knows, bills are not going to wait until this book is finished 😉 So everyone who wants to support the Gendaito Project, please use the “donate” button on the very bottom of this blog. I thank you a lot in advance and all those who do this in a “larger scale” will receive a signed copy of the book when finished of course. As indicated, this publication should be as complete as possible so we are talking here about a price in the upper two-digits or lower three-digits range for the finished book. Thank you for your attention!


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