As announced on the Nihonto Message Board and before I am away from all my books in the end of July, I compiled upon enquiry a enlarged color hardcover 8.25″ x 10.75″ format version of my previously published book Koshirae – Japanese Sword Mountings. The initial book had 202 black and white pages, as 6.6″ x 10.25″ paperback. Shifted to the new format, it would come up to about 140 pages. So the new version is with its 402 pages actually about twice as extensive. The extension concerns not only many color versions of the old pics and a plus of many full-color koshirae pics, the book now also contains a section on koshirae seen on paintings and portraits and the full! koshirae section (84 plates) of the famous 18th century illustrated standard work Shûko-jûshu. And because it feels now comprehensive and substantial enough, I named the publication KOSHIRAE-TAIKAN. The price is 169 USD for the hardcover, and 79 USD for the eBook.

Please understand that as far as the price is concerned, about 100 USD makes just the color and hardcover printing. Another factor for the price is that the expected copies sold will be in the lower double-digit range.

The printed hardcover copy  is only available over me, that means please contact me via mail (markus.sesko@gmail.com) if you want to order the KOSHIRAE-TAIKAN. In other words, upon transfer (PayPal or wire, what you prefer), I will have a copy print and shipped to you at Lulu.com. That´s the easiest way. For the eBook, please also contact me. I will then give you a direct link where you can order your copy as usual.


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