On vacation

Dear readers,

I am leaving for an Easter vacation on Sunday and will be back on Tuesday, April 29th. Until then, this blog will rest but I will be back after the holiday with renewed vigor. Also the previously announced project, the publication of mei tôsôgu signature archive under the title Signatures of Japanese Sword Fittings Artists, should be finished soon. I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel what means in concrete terms about 600 pages and 4,200 signature pictures. In this sense I wish you all Happy Easter and as a little Easter present, I have discounted the two hardcover Zenshu volumes of my Kantei books reduced by 50 %, and the two Kano Natsuo books by 20 %! So please take a look at the link below:


2 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. Mr. desk I,
    Happy Easter and to a well-earned break!! I just this evening printer your treatis regarding the “Formet prices if noted Swords”….fascinating to say the least!

    Rest well Sir – Nihonto have been and will be here when you energy returns lol.
    Thank you – from a novice – for what you’ve taught me already. Now , time to relax & pretend Nihonto dot exist for a while!!

    Curt R.
    Lakewood, CO


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