New (Old) Translation: JUKKEN


For those of you seeking more references (and until my next Kantei supplement is finished), I have uploaded a translation to Lulu I have done a while ago. It is the 1967 published JUKKEN which most of you probably know. It is a full translation, that means with all the oshigata. It features about 130 fine blades, one of it is designated kokuho, seven juyo-bunkazai and twelve juyo-bijutsuhin.

142 pages, paperback, b/w, A4, $55.00 (+ $10.00 flat shipping rate)

This is not going to be made public and is meant as personal study reference so everyone who wants a copy, please contact me via “”. I would suggest payments via PayPal but bank transfer is of course also possible. After an order is received, I will have a copy print and sent from Lulu directly to the buyer.

The eBook can be downloaded here:



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