Short summer break

I give you notice that it´s time for a short summer break. I am still around and work on other projects but my holiday starts towards the end of next week and on this occasion I will pause this blog from today until our return around mid July. In the meantime I wish all readers pleasant summer days and I will be back with more interesting articles in a couple of weeks. Many thanks for your attention!

4 thoughts on “Short summer break

  1. I wondered if you ever took a break. Thanks for the articles and NMB contributions. John

  2. Enjoy the holiday! I’d say it’s well deserved!
    Kind Regards,
    Dirk (NMB + NBTHK EB)

  3. I love the Blog. It is a really great read and it reminds me that I need to purchase more of your wonderful books. Have a good summer break and take care.

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