The Japanese toso-kinko Schools


This book deals systematically, for the first time in English, with all the Japanese tôsô-kinkô schools and sorted by their production sites such as Kyôto, Edo, Mito, Higo and the like. Comprehensive cross references are given for the origins of the individual schools and the master-student relationship(s) of the individual artists, supported by genealogies for the larger schools. In addition, a detailed introduction of the historical context of the Japanese tôsô-kinkô, the manufacturers of sword fittings, is given at the beginning. Also added is an extensive index containing all the names, first names and pseudonyms of the artists introduced in this publication.

Lulu Inc.

ISBN 9781291024982, Paperback, 22,86 x 15,24 cm, 430 pages

40,90 € / 50,32 $ / 31,66 £

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