Genealogies of Japanese tsuba and tôsô-kinkô Artists


The aim of this publication is to make the genealogies of the Japanese tsuba and tôsô-kinkô schools easily accessible to the reader, namely in that they are complete and have been revised for the first time, in a single book. The book contains 120 genealogies of all the major schools, divided up into two sections: the tankô who worked in iron, and the tôsô-kinkô who processed soft metal. For a better use of the genealogies, an extensive index is added at the end of the book.
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ISBN 978-3-8423-5954-3, Paperback, 29,7 x 20,8 x 1 cm, 148 pages


39,90 € / 61,90 $ / 43,90 £

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