I offer a professional translation of all common (and uncommon) appraisals/papers/certificates.

NBTHK hozon, tokubetsu-hozon, kichō, tokubetsu-kichō … $15
Tōensha/Murakami … $15
NTHK … $30
Jūhō Tōken Kenkyu Kai … $30
Bijutsu Tōken Kantei Club … $30
Nihon Tōsōgu Kenkyū Kai … $30
Shibata … $30
Fujishiro … $30
NBTHK Jūyō/Tokubetsu-Jūyō … $40 (includes certificate and Zufu entry)
Sayagaki/hakogaki … $30 (higher fees apply for an exceptionally long sayagaki/hakogaki)

If you don’t find your paper on the list above, please contact me via “”.

Also offered are translations of all Japanese texts on arms and armor in the broadest sense. The costs for an A4/Letter page with a 11 point font size is 50 USD (or 25 USD for half an A4/Letter page accordingly). The costs for texts with considerable parts in Classical Japanese (bungo) or Classical Chinese (kanbun) are higher but will be a matter for negotiation.

Translations of entire books, exhibition catalogues and the like are also a matter for negotiation and are dependent on the workload and complexity.

Please note that in all cases the copyright of the original text is valid. A translation for an individual for private use must not be distributed, leased or otherwise sold.

Special offer for (antique) dealers or auction houses: Drawing up of professional descriptions of pieces and/or biographies of artists, or apart from that, research and collecting information on certain pieces or artists to be used by the customer. The prices vary according to the desired extent of the description and the expenditure of time for the research.

Signature authentications please see here or here.




  1. Dear Sir, I have a Katana with NTHK papers, but I don’t understand the meaning of the paper. I would like to know if you can translate the paper for me so that I may understand my sword better and carry out further research. I am a complete beginner to the world of collecting and am finding it very difficult indeed to find anyone who can help me get started. Can you help by translating and explaining the NTHK paperwork which I can email to you? I understand that, of course, a fee is payable.
    With kindest regards. David Sewell.

    • Dear David, please send me a picture of your paper and I´d be glad to translate and explain it for you. We can talk about further details via mail. Best regards, Markus Sesko.

      • Dear Markus,
        That is very kind of you and thank-you for coming back to me so quickly. I will scan the paper and send it to you today. I’ve been finding it very difficult as a beginner, to get into this very confusing hobby! Thanks again and best wishes, David.

      • Hi David,

        Unfortunately I did not receive your pictures. Can you please try either “” or “”. Sorry for the inconvenence!

  2. Markus, I have purchased a sword with a NTHK Token. I know generally what it says but would like to have a line by line translation. I will soon have a NBTHK token to do the same. Please tell me how to proceed with engaging you to do this and by the way your prices seem too cheap. Donald Sayers

  3. Hallo herr sesko

    Ich habe eine frage zu ihren buechern
    Ist geplant des buch Tameshigiri auch in deutsch aufzulegen

    Danke fuer info

    • Hi. Bezahlung kann über PayPal oder Überweisung auf mein deutsches Konto erfolgen (oder mit Kreditkarte via dem “donate button” auf dieser Webseite). Details können wir gerne via “markus.sesko@gmail” besprechen.

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